Texas Dems support decriminalization

June 21, 2012

Texas Democrats have sided with Ron Paul and are now in favor of decriminalizing marijuana.  While they are not in support of the use of the drug, they do support ending prohibition and are calling for “wiser law enforcement and public health policy.” 

Recent polls suggest that more than 50% of Americans support the movement.  

The Democrats are in support of decriminalizing the possession of marijuana and the regulation and taxing of marijuana the same way alcohol & tobacco are.  The Dems state in their platform that the drug is not any more harmful than alcohol & tobacco & that the 'gateway' theory is not supported by evidence.

The Democrats further believe that legalizing marijuana would have a significant impact on the War on Drugs by taking power away from drug cartels. 

“Prohibition of marijuana abdicates the control of marijuana production and distribution to drug cartels and street gangs.” 

Texas courts are tied up & bogged down with hundreds of thousands of cases annually for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. Decriminalizing would free up courts to focus on more serious crimes.  Most of the possession cases occur in individuals under age 30.  A conviction for possession of marijuana stays with people for life and as such has damaging consequences.  “You shouldn’t put a criminal stigma on these young folks for the rest of their lives, said Texas Democratic Party Chairman Gilberto Hinojosa, “and affect their ability to get jobs and their ability to have a meaningful career.”

A few weeks ago it was reported that the governor of New York is supporting the same movement.  It’s high time states get with the decriminalization movement and call for ending the prohibition of marijuana.  I’m proud of the Lone Star State for finally taking a step in the right direction.