Texas Delivery Punishments

September 11, 2012


Like any case, the punishment for a conviction on drug dealing charges depends on your past history and the facts of the case, particularly the amount of drugs involved.


Community supervision is always an option for the judge or jury in cases with low drug weights, particularly on misdemeanors, state jail felonies and second-degree felonies.However, the likelihood of prison time is high for a first-degree or enhanced first-degree felony. Even if you get community service on a state jail felony for delivery, the judge can still require that you spend three to six months in state jail as part of your sentence.


And you may not be eligible for community supervision at all if you’ve previously had charges enhanced under proximity-to-children provisions. In fact, in those cases, you may even have an additional five years added to the sentence.

To help you avoid a conviction and sentence in your manufacture or delivery case, we will attack the merits of the state’s evidence on several key points.


First, we may challenge the state’s identification of you as the person who made the delivery. We also will challenge the credibility of any confidential informants. And, we’ll challenge the legality of any police searches in case they violated your Fourth Amendment protections against unreasonable search and seizure.


Drug dealing is a very serious charge in Texas, but we will be there to make sure you have every chance at successfully defending yourself against it.  Call the Law Offices of Jamie Balagia to schedule your free consultation today!