Thankful To Be Alive

November 15, 2012


A 15-year-old girl from southern France named Chloe Rodriguez disappeared on November 9 after leaving her home by scooter to go to a friend's house. What followed sounds like something out of a horrific movie. Chloe was kidnapped by a 32-year-old man -- who had been released from jail in September after being convicted of physically and sexually assaulting six women (who, like Chloe, had been traveling alone, either by foot or bicycle) -- and held captive for seven days!

This past Friday afternoon, when police stopped her kidnapper during a routine traffic stop in Germany, she was found ...tied up in the trunk of the car. What a nightmare -- but not with the ending we'd typically assume, thank goodness. And that's due in part to how Chloe manipulated her captor .According to her father, Jesus Rodriguez, the teen said she managed to stay alive by never contradicting her captor. Wow. And while obviously this all turned out the best possible way considering the circumstances, it absolutely makes you shudder to think what Chloe went through. The teen is currently recovering in the hospital. Her parents told reporters that she is doing well, but she cries a lot and is physically exhausted. Poor thing ...

It's no wonder that in the aftermath of this horrifying experience, there are so many mixed, troubling emotions. As Chloe's mom, Violette Rodriguez said, "This man who did her so much harm -- there is justice, and justice will be rendered. But I thank him anyway, because he kept her alive."

Although it is nothing short of a miracle that Chloe is alive, but not so sure the kidnapper deserves gratitude of any sort ... But I couldn't agree with the first part of her statement: For the nightmare he inflicted on Chloe and the many other women, justice must be rendered.