The new DWI Dude App

March 13, 2016

Check out the new DWI Dude app, from We've completely overhauled the interface. Check your estimated blood alcohol level, based on your weight, and how many drinks you've had.

Know how to handle an encouter with the police in Texas - whether you have been drinking or not. And record any encounters. Anything you do or say WILL be used against you. But if a conversation between you and the police is in your favor, it's not uncommon for the police to delete their footage. The Dude's app records your conversation and sends it right to our offices, so we can use it as evidence in your defense!

Busted? Press the panic button and immediately notify the Dude. Fill out your emergency contacts ahead of time, so we can work with your family to get you out fast, and start building your case!

Available for iPhone or Android