Tracking Your Prescriptions

August 1, 2012


Pharmaceutical drug overdoses are responsible for more deaths than ever before.  The number has more than doubled and is still on the rise.  DPS has been tracking controlled substances for over 30 years, but with the number of fatalities growing, a new system was necessary.  The former process of getting a prescription history took several days because you had to fax a request to DPS, then wait for a response.  This didn’t help doctors that had a patient in front of them wanting prescription narcotics.


A new online system is rolling out this month with additional phases following.  It will give doctors, pharmacists and law enforcement officers across the state access to state’s prescription drug database.  Instant access to a person’s history of prescriptions.  


Prescription drug abuse is a serious problem, and the new online prescription drug monitoring program will help the state of Texas combat this issue,” said DPS Director Steven McCraw. “It is essential that doctors and pharmacists have quick access to the information they need to identify potential prescription drug abusers and traffickers before they fraudulently receive the drugs.

"Law enforcement access to this information is also crucial to investigating those individuals or organizations engaged in the trafficking of prescription drugs. This new tool will allow a proactive approach to prevention, assist with criminal investigations, provide historical reporting and identify trends.”

There are plenty of people that are given prescriptions that don’t abuse them.  This system tracks all prescriptions.  How do you feel about DPS collecting this personal information and it being so readily available?

On another note, the increasing number of deaths caused by pharmaceutical drugs is just another reason to legalize marijuana.  Legalizing marijuana may prevent some of these deaths because people could benefit from the pain relieving benefits marijuana provides!