War On Drugs

May 30, 2012


The War on Drugs wages on as US Border Patrol agents seized close to 4 tons of marijuana near La Casitas, Texas.  

Two separate busts occurred over the holiday weekend near the border town of Las Casitas.  Agents watched as a truck was being loaded with marijuana along the banks of the Rio Grande River.  When attempting to stop the activity, the driver fled.  The truck was loaded with about 1,500 pounds of marijuana.  

The second seizure happened as agents observed an SUV leaving the river.  The vehicle managed to escape authorities and was later found abandoned with about 1,200 pounds of marijuana.    

The estimated value of the combined marijuana was said to be about $6.3 million.  

Las Casitas is a small town west of the southern most tip of Texas located in Starr County and has a population of about 2,100 people.  

Back in March, border patrol agents were involved in a shoot out along the Rio Grande River as agents observed smugglers loading two vehicles with marijuana near Roma, Texas.  When the agents confronted the smugglers, they attempted to run them over with their vehicles.  The agents fired at the vehicle.  Drug traffickers on the Mexican side opened fire against the agents and agents returned fire into Mexico.  

No agents were injured in the gunfire.  Approximately 2 tons of marijuana was confiscated and was estimated to be worth about $3 million.  

Drug traffickers often use rafts and ropes to smuggle the marijuana across the river under the protection of the gunmen.  

Roma has a population of about 9,800 and is also in Starr County.  Roma is located approximately 250 miles from San Antonio.  

As a result of the smuggling along the waterway, Texas is using “interceptor” gun boats to improve security.  Similar Navy boats were used during the Vietnam War to patrol Vietnam rivers.