Who Needs A Guard Dog

January 14, 2013


Drug lords, dope dealers, whatever you want to call them have to find ways to protect their drug stashes from would be thieves.  From armed men, to dogs, camera systems and many other protective measures, this one is pretty interesting.  Who needs a guard dog when you have Mr. Teeth?  Well, one man in Castro Valley, California decided that a 5 foot long alligator would do more damage than a dog any day if a thief tried to steal his marijuana stash.


Police discovered the alligator and a 34-pound marijuana stash during a routine probation house check. The owner of the alligator, Assif Mayar said he got the alligator to commemorate Tupac Shakur, a rapper who died in 1996.  The alligator was living in a plexi-glass tank, so he wasn’t an imminent danger to anyone.


Police have sent him to the Oakland Zoo where the reptile appears to be stressed from the recent events, while his owner has been taken to the Santa Rita jail for drug possession.