Willie Nelson Sit Down

June 6, 2012

Willie Nelson sits down with San Antonio’s KSAT 12’s Paul Venema

Willie Nelson gave Paul Venema of KSAT a tour of his Hill Country ranch southwest of Austin before he goes on the road again this week.  

The singer is approaching 80 years old and says his whole life has been a bucket list.  He’s done everything he wants to do and is still doing just it.  

He recently wrote a book called Just As I Am that chronicles his life – his phases and stages, as he refers to it and titled a song as such.  At 80, Willie is cognizant of the fact that he is not only a mere mortal with a beginning and an end but that in life you’ve got to take the good with the bad. “We live and we’re going to die – stuff happens – and we move on.”  

On Willie’s 700-acre ranch he finds tending to 77 horses, some belonging to him and some belonging to friends of his, including Sheryl Crowe, relaxing.  Willie also owns a home in Maui that he enjoys visiting for some down time.  
Mr. Nelson is getting ready to begin a month long tour.  He will be singing the classics, including “On the Road Again” and “Night Life”, but he’s also written new songs in hopes to appeal to a younger audience.  “Those young kids out there, you know, they know their music and they like to listen to radio stations that I probably would not run into,” he said.  Willie says he hasn’t seemed to have slowed down any yet and doesn’t anticipate doing so.  
Willie’s upcoming Texas performances include:  Austin on July 1, Fort Worth on July 4, Corpus Christi on July 6, the Whitewater Amphitheater in New Braunfels on July 7, and Midland on July 8.  See http://www.willienelson.com/upcoming for more details.  
Willie, you’re always on my mind as my blue eyes are crying in the rain while the whiskey river takes my mind.  Hats off to you!