Wrong timing

May 8, 2012

I have pointed out several times that Candidate Obama promised to leave medical marijuana up to the states, and would not spend federal tax dollars targeting marijuana dispensaries or growers in states where it is legal to do those things.  Of course, President Obama threw that promise out the window almost as soon as he entered the Oval Office.  Now his campaign spokesman is saying that President Obama is not doing anything different than what Candidate Obama promised.  I suggest they look to Colorado.

Yesterday the Justice Department shut down 23 medical marijuana dispensaries in the state.  They closed them because they were within 1000 feet of a school - something not mentioned in the Colorado medical marijuana law.  

If the federal government wants to regulate how a state implements its own laws then maybe the federal government should pass a law that authorizes medical marijuana.  The federal government has the power to enact laws that supersede state laws on the same subject matter as the federal law.  For the feds to step in after the fact and start regulating leaves business owners and patients with little direction in how and where to place their business and access services.  By meddling in the businesses after the fact the feds are costing jobs and draining money from local economies.  

With the election right around the corner you'd think that the current administration would pay more attention to poll numbers.  Colorado has initiatives on this years ballot to legalize marijuana.  By shuttering businesses and inconveniencing patients I doubt that Obama is winning any favor with voters in Colorado.  Leadership requires vision and action.  The only vision that yesterday's actions show is that Obama is bowing to the pressure of bureaucrats who want to keep the flow of tax dollars into their agencies by giving the appearance of doing something - anything - even the wrong thing at the wrong time.