Xanax Made Me Do It

August 10, 2012


The prescription drug Xanax has rare side effects that include outbursts of anger, delusions and aggressive and bizarre behavior.  As with all prescription drugs, there will be possible side effects, some more common than others.  These particular side effects are more rare than most.  However, It is these side effects that Brenda White claims made her run her husband down, breaking his legs and crashing into a building.  No one else was injured, but an innocent person could have been right in the middle of this mess.


Brenda White took the stand in her own defense. She claims she doesn’t even remember the events that took place and that the person behind the wheel “wasn’t her”, it was the drugs.  Brenda and her husband were going through an ugly divorce and when she overheard him tell someone else he loved her, Brenda immediately suffered from “extreme emotional stress” according to her attorneys.  She also suffered from a panic attack because of the handful of Xanax she took.


Do you think a defendant that willfully takes a handful or prescription pills and then has a reaction like this should face a lesser charge or do less time since they were under the influence?  Do you think the “Xanax made me do it” defense is a good one?  What is the appropriate punishmetn for Brenda White?