YouTube Trap

January 15, 2013

Another case of being busted by what you post on the internet!  A once anonymous pot grower has been found out.  He has posted several videos on the popular YouTube showing off his operation.  

He had a pretty extensive setup in his basement that he gave video tours and narrations about what he had growing.  He offered many growing tips also.  He was sure to never put his face on camera, however, he didn't realize his camera caught a perfect flection of his face. What's a face without a name or an address? Oh, yea did I mention he also caught his address on camera too?  A package with his address was noticed by a determined investigator.

Needless to say, he has been busted and this should once again be a reminder to all: if you don't want the police to now what you are doing, DO NOT POST IT ON THE INTERNET!