Legalize Marijuana

May 16, 2012

The decision to use marijuana should be based on personal choice, on morals, not legality.  Keeping marijuana illegal will continue to prove to be more harmful than the alternative.  Marijuana is illegal in Mexico and in Canada but not really enforced.  Legalizing marijuana here would have a considerable impact on smuggling and violence in and around our border towns, and even deeper into our nation - which is a colossal problem.   

Opponents of legalizing marijuana argue that health issues associated with marijuana use would be as significant as those of tobacco users.  This is simply not the case.  Marijuana can be ingested in ways other than smoking, such as by vaporizing, by baking it in foods or by drinking it in tinctures.  These methods are safe alternatives to smoking and are becoming increasingly popular as people are concerned with the risks involved in smoking.  

Marijuana is a safe drug.  There have been zero deaths reported to have been caused by marijuana in the United States, whereas the alcohol and tobacco numbers are astronomical.  Furthermore, marijuana does not cause the serious long term health problems that alcohol and tobacco do.  

Marijuana is legal to use in a handful of states in the United States for medicinal purposes.  This shows that parts of the country have accepted the fact that not only is marijuana use not harmful it is beneficial.  Legalizing marijuana for medicinal purposes is a start but it is not enough.  

Marijuana use should not be deemed a criminal act.   It should be a choice an individual has the right and the freedom to make based on his or her own morals, values and belief systems, not a decision made based on legality.  The government should not be involved in this issue.  Unfortunately, in most of the country, the government is very involved in marijuana use by criminalizing it.  It’s high time that changes.