Making criminals

April 26, 2012


If you have a product on the market that is relatively cheap, but only a few select companies like yours has a dominate market position, and a new competitor wants to enter the market with a lower cost product that has less negative features than yours, what do you do?  Well if you are an alcohol company you throw a lot of money to politicians and outlaw it.  At least that is what has happened to marijuana.


There is a lot of attention being paid to legalized and medical marijuana all across the nation right now.  The legalization movement is not new.  For years the government put police officers in our children’s classrooms and told them how horrible marijuana is to them and to their community.  The government agents gave statistics and anecdotal stories of bad things that people did while high on drugs.  Quietly, and without much objection, the agents slowly worked on the minds of our youth to put marijuana in the same class as other, dangerous drugs so that when they think of marijuana they associate it with the consequences of methamphetamine, cocaine, or LSD.  


A generation of D.A.R.E. kids have now grown up, however, and are beginning to look back on what they were told by the smiling police officer at the front of their class, and they are realizing that it was all a bunch of lies and misinformation painted to look sleek and official.  Just as President Bush’s “Hearts and Minds” campaign sought to do in Iraq and Afghanistan, D.A.R.E. and other programs seeks to do with our children.  It is our responsibility as parents, however, to make sure our children are not duped into strongly held lies.


Marijuana is a plant.  It grows naturally all across the United States.  It has many industrial uses.  It has medicinal qualities that have been used by various cultures for centuries.  The crime associated with marijuana is not the use of it, but the banning of it by our government.


When a government passes a law that is unpopular with a large majority of society, that law will in all likelihood be ignored.  This creates a black market for that product.  And, it creates a government system of fines, imprisonment, and penalties that generates huge amounts of money for the government.  This is not only morally wrong, but has led to a huge explosion of government distrust.  


There are many ways to turn this system around to be fair.  Some attorneys argue jury nullification.  That is, they argue that while their client did break the law, the law was unjust so they should not be punished for violating the law.  Still other folks demonstrate to raise awareness of the issue.  Others lobby their law makers to change the laws.


Whatever you do, the most effective way to overturn these laws is to learn the position of people running for office and vote for those who say they will protect your interests.  If they don’t, vote them out.