Is He Accountable?

February 21, 2012

Marijuana legalization in 2012 is seeing a huge spike in support, and promises to pit State rights against Federal Regulation.  Citizen groups in at least three states are campaigning to put ballot initiatives before voters to determine whether to legalize non-medicinal marijuana.  Yet, despite campaign promises to not spend federal Justice Department money to enforce federal laws on marijuana legalization in opposition to state law, the Obama administration has begun cracking down on legal marijuana dispensaries in at least two states. 

If these ballot initiatives pass, and states like California and Colorado legalize marijuana then state law in these states will be squarely against federal law.  Under our system of government, federal laws trump state law, and just because a state says something is legal does not make it so.  This leaves the citizens of these states in a legal limbo that promises to bring hefty prison sentences and fines when federal agents show up and begin seizing property and people.

We are at a crossroads in the United States when it comes to marijuana and the War on Drugs.  Us citizens are either going to continue to allow our elected leaders to bow down to the will of the bureaucrats, or we will vote them out and replace them with leaders who will bow to the will of the people.  This election year is about more than the economy, the war in Afghanistan, and who raises the most money to run negative ads against their opponents; it is about whether We the People will exercise the rights given us by our founding fathers to force our government to work for us rather than against us. 

The fight for marijuana legalization is about more than the right to smoke a naturally growing plant.  It is also about the freedoms we are supposed to have, and holding politicians accountable for the promises they made when they wanted our vote in the first place.  Our current leader does not seem inclined to believe he will be held accountable for ignoring the commitment he made when he wanted our vote for his first term in office.  Is he right?