Get Involved With Reform

February 4, 2013
  I think most of us can agree that the policies and laws we’ve had to deal with cannabis in the past hundred years have been seriously flawed and have caused tremendous harm to users, their families, their communities, and society in general. The prohibition of cannabis has created a black market that is a major source of income for organized crime in our world today, not just in the United States or in just in Texas.
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NFL Nipping The Bud

February 1, 2013
With Super Bowl behind us, let's talk a little football. Actually, let's talk weed and football. Oh, that got the attention of some of you!   Bob McNair, owner of the Houston Texans, made a statement that "he would never have a persistent user of drugs” on his beloved Houston Texans, but he also said , “I’m not talking about someone who smoked marijuana.”  McNair’s statement is more than tacit acceptance of something players have been doing for decades.
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Derived From Cannabis, Pt. 5 Tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV)

January 30, 2013
  I have already told you about four cannaboids that could be in use and could definitely be researched more to fetermine what other healing properties and uses could benefit us.   Discovered in 1970, tetrahydrocannabivarin (THCV) is most typically identified in Pakistani hashish and cannabis strains of southern African origin. Depending on the dose, THCV may either antagonize some of the therapeutic effects of THC (e.g., at low doses THCV may repress appetite) or promote them.
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Derived From Cannabis, Pt. 4 Cannabigerol (CBG)

January 29, 2013
The fourth cannaboid that our government is keeping from us is called Cannabigerol or (CBG). It is non-psychoactive . Cannabigerol is found in higher concentrations in hemp  rather than in varieties of  Cannabis  cultivated for high THC  content and their corresponding psychoactive properties. Cannabigerol has been found to act as a high affinity α 2 -adrenergic receptor agonist, moderate affinity 5-HT 1A  receptor antagonist,...
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Derived From Cannabis, Pt. 3 Cannabichromene (CBC)

January 28, 2013
  “There has been for many years an ongoing search for the discovery and development of more effective anti-inflammatory and hypothermia inducing agents which can be administered to mammals in therapeutically effective dosages with minimal side effects. There is also an economic need for such agents which are relatively simple to produce from readily available non-costly reagents.”   This is a description for the background of the invention of US Patent 4315862 for preparing cannabichromene.
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Derived From Cannabis, Pt. 2 Cannabinol (CBN)

January 25, 2013
  Yesterday, I told you about cannabidiol (CBD), a naturally occurring compound found in cannabis with unbelievable therapeutic properties that our government bans us from using, even though it’s properties don’t cause you to get high.  The simple fact that it is derived from cannabis put it on the illegal drug list.  Sadly, cannabidiol (CBD) isn’t the only one.
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Derived From Cannabis, Pt. 1 Cannabidiol (CBD)

January 24, 2013
  There are 5 compounds that care curing diseases, ending pain, fighting caner and yet the government would rather let their citizens suffer than allow the use of these compounds because they are derived from cannabis.  The othe part that is distrbing is the fact that these particular cannaboids don’t even get you “high” and the government still outlaws them. Cannabidiol (CBD) is an extremely powerful cannabioid (organic compound in the cannabis plant) that is naturally existing and non-toxic.
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Victory For Medical Marijuana

January 16, 2013
The battle for a California man fighting for his child has ended in victory for the man and I'd say in victory for the medical marijuana world as well.  This case proved that using medical marijuana does not mean that a parent is neglectful, but it also points out the fact that even if marijuana was being used on a recreational basis a child should not be removed from their home unless there is diagnosed substance abouse that is causing the child to be in imminent danger or not provided for.
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YouTube Trap

January 15, 2013
Another case of being busted by what you post on the internet!  A once anonymous pot grower has been found out.  He has posted several videos on the popular YouTube showing off his operation.   He had a pretty extensive setup in his basement that he gave video tours and narrations about what he had growing.  He offered many growing tips also.  He was sure to never put his face on camera, however, he didn't realize his camera caught a perfect flection of his face.
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Who Needs A Guard Dog

January 14, 2013
  Drug lords, dope dealers, whatever you want to call them have to find ways to protect their drug stashes from would be thieves.  From armed men, to dogs, camera systems and many other protective measures, this one is pretty interesting.  Who needs a guard dog when you have Mr. Teeth?  Well, one man in Castro Valley, California decided that a 5 foot long alligator would do more damage than a dog any day if a thief tried to steal his marijuana stash.
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