Thankful To Be Alive

November 15, 2012
  A 15-year-old girl from southern France named  Chloe Rodriguez  disappeared on November 9 after leaving her home by scooter to go to a friend's house. What followed sounds like something out of a horrific movie. Chloe was  kidnapped  by a 32-year-old man -- who had been released from jail in September after being convicted of physically and sexually assaulting six women (who, like Chloe, had been traveling alone, either by foot or bicycle) -- and held...
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Pot Pinatas!

November 14, 2012
  In two separate border crossings only a few hours apart, U.S. Customs and Border Protection seized more than 425 pounds of marijuana and seven pounds of methamphetamine from two individuals attempting to enter the United States from Mexico.  The two incidents took place at the Mariposa Port of Entry in Nogales around midday.   The first discovery occurred after officers detained Juan Marcelo Armstrong, 24, of Tucson, for additional inspection as he attempted to enter the United States.
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Garage Full of Pot

November 14, 2012
  Officers from the LMPD Narcotics Unit have seized hundreds of pounds of pot, guns and a million dollars in cash from two homes in Okolona.   After eight months of undercover work, Louisville Metro Police spent the night loading up trash bags of pot from a home on Winding River Way. Police say the garage was filled with garbage bags of marijuana and cash was hidden in every room in the house.
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Finally Free

November 12, 2012
  Gov. Bob McDonnell granted a conditional pardon to Johnathon Montgomery, who has been falsely imprisoned since 2008.  "It feels awesome," Montgomery told His accuser, Elizabeth Coast, recanted her story nearly two weeks ago of a sexual assault that she claimed happened when she was 10 and Montgomery was 14.  "It's just too awful what she did," Montgomery said Tuesday.
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Flashlight Beating Results In Probation

November 9, 2012
  Stories about crimes that make the news have one major problem associated with them. They often tend to be items that, by their nature, raise the bile in your throat. While they may be very interesting to hear about, they usually are presented in ways that seem designed to elicit the deepest gut reaction. This happens in Texas, New Mexico and every other state in the country. The reason we find this to be such an issue, whether the case deals with state or federal crimes,...
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Use of Deadly Force

November 8, 2012
If you have been charged with the use of deadly force, then you will want to know what kind of allegations you are up against. For one, the use of deadly force is covered in Chapter 9 of the Texas Penal Code with laws regarding deadly force. There are some situations in which you can get away with using deadly force, and these are clearly outlined in the code. Justifications include using deadly force in self-defense, using deadly force in self-defense of another, or using deadly force in defense of property.
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Voters Make Marijuana History

November 7, 2012
  Last night brought exciting signs that America is finally ready to choose sensible policies over draconian ones that deny sick people access to the medicine they need, and others that clog our criminal justice system with nonviolent marijuana users.  Voters in Colorado and Washington made history when they took a stand for sensible drug law reform, choosing to legalize small quantities of marijuana for adults.
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Marijuana on the Ballot

November 6, 2012
  Marijuana advocates have placed measures on ballots in six states dealing with the recreational or medical use of the drug, defying federal efforts to crack down on use where it’s already legal. From Massachusetts to  Oregon , measures on tomorrow’s ballots aim to make three states the first in the nation to allow recreational marijuana use and expand on the 17 states that already allow its medical use.
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Cannabis in Paraguay

November 5, 2012
Cannabis smokers in Uruguay will be allowed to buy 20 cannabis cigarettes from the state, under new plans. The move is a bid to stamp out organized crime. Users will be able to purchase up to 40g (1.4oz) per month - enough for 20 cannabis cigarettes.The drug will be regulated by the state and sold at the market price, currently around £21.60. Cannabis smokers will be given cards with a bar code allowing them to buy up to the legal limit per month.  The government...
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Cannabis in Israel

November 2, 2012
  There are more than 10,000 patients that live at the Hadarim nursing home outside of Tel Aviv who have official government permission to consume marijuana in Israel, a number that has swelled dramatically, up from serving just a few hundred patients in 2005. The medical cannabis industry is expanding as well, fueled by Israel's strong research sector in medicine and technology - and notably, by government encouragement.
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