What you can do for Texas Medical Marijuana

April 30, 2012

There is a dedicated group of people who are fighting to change Texas law in order to help those with chronic and fatal illnesses have access to cost effective treatment.  And they are asking for your help in doing so.

The Texas Coalition for Compassionate Care has setup a website and outlined what they have done already, and what they believe they still need to do in order to reform Texas law.  I have no affiliation with this organization, and no one from this organization has asked me for my support of their cause.  I came across their site while researching medical marijuana initatives across the nation.  

One of the things that I like about one of their sister sites is that they outline for you what you can do right now to help change Texas law on medical marijuana.  They list:


  1. Have your religious or community group sign a general statement of support for medical marijuana patients (see below for more information).
  2. Cal/ Write Rep Naishtat, Elliott and thank him for authoring House Bill 164
  3. Write and call your state representative and ask them to sign on to sponsor HB 164.Find out who your State Representative is here
  4. Write  and call the following Housemembers that Cosponsored the same bill in the last session (2007) and ask for them to sign onto this years bill:
    Jackson, Jim
    (R) in Carolton/Dallas
    Coleman, Garnet F.(D) in Houston
  5. Write and call you state Senator, ask them to introduce a companion bill in the Senate.Find out who your State Senator is here.
  6. Write and call the following Senators and ask that they introduce a companion bill in the Senate:
    West, Royce. (info)
    Van de Putte, Leticia (info)
    Shapleigh, Eliot (info)
  7. Tell your friends about the TX Coalition for Compassionate Care; anyone that would like to be added to our e-mail Sign up on our site here: Texas Medical Marijuana

If all of us do even just one of these things, we will change Texas laws.