Is that a Tomato Plant or Skunk Weed?

October 28, 2011

Two things came to my mind after reading the Austin Statesman article today. First, why would anyone leave their garage door open with grow materials in plain sight? Secondly, just because a police officer sees growing equipment at someone's house doesn't mean they are breaking the law. For all we know Alvin Torres was about to start up a big time tomato crop.

Of course, when you see the results of the raid it is a bit embarassing that the cops didn't find enough weed to get a Halloween party high. If all that work netted a quarter pound of weed and a bowl full of hash I can think of better ways to spend our law enforcement efforts. Well, at least the warrant didn't include a request for Alvin's blood, which is what most cops want to get from us if we have a drivers license.

Stay on top of the 420 issues by checking out a couple times a week for the latest legal news. Be safe and keep your garage doors closed!

Police find marijuana in home after seeing growing equipment in open garage

By Farzad Mashhood | Thursday, October 27, 2011, 07:17 PM

A man is charged with two felonies after a Sheriff’s deputy saw hydroponic marijuana growing equipment in the man’s open garage, according to arrest affidavits filed Wednesday.
On July 15 the officer passed by a home in Southwest Austin where the officer believed the resident was growing and selling marijuana, the affidavits said. The home’s garage door was open, letting the officer see hydroponic growing equipment that prompted him to request a search warrant and enter the home later that day, the affidavits said.
Alvin Torres, 28, was charged with possession of marijuana and manufacture of a controlled substance after the officer found about 4.2 ounces of marijuana and less than 0.1 ounces of a frozen substance later identified as hashish, the affidavits said.
Torres was charged on Oct. 17, 12 days after the Travis County Sheriff’s department received test results confirming the smaller quantity was hashish, the affidavits said.
Torres is not in Travis County jail as of Wednesday night, according to jail records.