Marijuana Drug Possession Lawyer or Attorney - San Antonio & Austin TX

One of the most common questions our San Antonio Criminal attorneys and Austin Criminal Attorneys hear  “Do I need an attorney for a marijuana possession charge?”  The answer is yes.  Even though marijuana possession laws are changing across the nation, it is still illegal in Texas to possess marijuana.  Texas does not currently allow marijuana possession for medical marijuana, and any amount of marijuana possession remains a crime.

A conviction for marijuana possession can have lifelong consequences.  Such a conviction may make it difficult - if not impossible - to secure student loans for college, disqualification for certain employment positions, poor credit ratings, and many other consequences.

Hiring us as your San Antonio criminal attorney or Austin criminal attorney can help you avoid these harsh penalties.

Prosecutors do not typically offer plea bargains to criminal defendants who are not represented by an lawyer.  Even if they do, without the experience on how the prosecutor’s office and judge typically handle criminal cases such as yours, you are essentially negotiating blind.  Most importantly, however, is that you may have legal defenses you are unaware exist in your case.  

Police are required to follow some highly technical laws and criminal procedures when they stop and search you in either a vehicle, or when you are walking down the road.  Our San Antonio criminal attorneys and Austin criminal attorneys will carefully review the facts and evidence in your case to see whether the police failed to follow these laws, thus opening the opportunity to suppress any evidence gathered against you. 

So, if you’re asking “Do I need an attorney for a marijuana possession charge?” The answer is, “Yes, and you need the 420 Dude.”  Call now for a free case evaluation and get the Dude working on your side right now!  Not all San Antonio criminal attorneys and Austin criminal attorneys have the same level of experience and expertise in handling marijuana possession cases.  Call right now!